I was at one in summer

Neither sleeping nor awaking

Till the night turned into dawn…

And when the sudden light

coming through the window

and dried my tears,

I felt like a one

who has just travelled from the darkest desert

on the way was not in sight,

That only Your Light,

the moon and the stars

which are bound together

can light my way,

shine my life,

and vanish my fears

Far away behind me …


 Japan, July 13th 1994

This poem was written when I was studying in Japan, in summer 1994.  At that time, the daytime in summer was longer than the night. Time changed so fast in summer time. It always seemed like it was still yesterday when the night turned into a morning dawn. Every day, I always hoped, I could hear the summons of adzan form nearest mosque to brake down the silent of the morning dawn. I always hoped that the call would vanish my loneliness. But never at that time, I heard the adzan…and this is the reason I wrote the poem.


About afwina kamal

Architect. Pianist. Traveller. Poet.
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