( طلحة بن عبيد الله)

بـــــسم الله الرّ حـــــمن الرّحـــــيم

Thalhah ibn Ubaydullah was one of  The Ten Promised Paradise (Arabic: العشرة المبشرون بالجنة‎; al-`Ashara al-Mubasharîn bi-l-Janna) who were promised Paradise by Rasulullah SAW while they were still living.

Rasulullah SAW also called him “Talhah the Good” and “Talhah the Generous”. He also gained the unique reputation among Muslims of being called the “living martyr”. The name of the “living martyr” was earned during the Battle of Uhud and there was a story behind this name…

At the Battle of Uhud, when the Muslims fell into disarray at the beginning of hostilities the Rasulullah SAW became dangerously exposed. There were about 11 men of the Ansar at his side and 1 Muhajir – Talhah ibn Ubaydullah. Rasulullah SAW clambered up the mountain hotly pursued by some mushrikin.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW, shouted: “The one who repulses these people from us will be my companion in Paradise.”

“I, O Messenger of God!” shouted Talhah.

“No, stick to your position,” replied the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

A man from the Ansar volunteered and the Prophet agreed. He fought until he was killed. The Prophet went further up the mountain with the mushrikin still in close pursuit.

 “Isn’t there someone to combat these?” asked the Prophet.

Talhah again volunteered but the Prophet ordered him to maintain his position. Another person immediately came forward, fought and was killed. This happened until all who stood by the Prophet were martyred except Talhah.

“Now, yes!” signalled the Prophet and Talhah went into battle.

By this time, the Prophet’s teeth had been broken, his forehead had been slashed, his lips had been wounded and blood was streaming down his face. He was drained of energy.

Talhah bravely plunged into the enemy and pushed them away from the Prophet. He turned back to the Prophet and helped him a little further up the mountain and put him to lie on the ground. He then renewed his attack and successfully repulsed the enemy.

About this occasion Abu Bakr RA said: “At that moment, Abu Ubayd ibn al-Jarrah and I were far from the Prophet. When we came close to him to render assistance to him, the Prophet said: ‘Leave me and go to your companion (meaning Talhah).” There was Talhah, bleeding profusely. He had numerous wounds, from sword, spear and arrow. His foot had been cut and he had fallen into a hollow where he lay unconscious. Thereafter, the Prophet SAW said: “Whoever is pleased to see a man still walking on earth who had completed his span (of life), let him look at Talhah ibn Ubaydallah.” And, whenever Uhud was recalled, As-Siddiq RA, would say: “That day, that entire day, belonged to Talhah.”

That was the story of how Talhah became to be called the “living martyr”.


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