بـــــسم الله الرّ حـــــمن الرّحـــــيم

Often as I look at this life, there is a sense of mystery and curiosity, wrapped everyday for me like a gift box of chocolates,waiting to be open and tasted.

I did not posses a crystal ball that will foretell my life in the future. What I will be tomorrow, I can only guess. “Life was like a box of chocolates..” says Forest Gump’s mama, “You never know what you’re gonna get…”

Just like a traveler, life is a journey after all. “Be in this life like a stranger or a traveler.” says the Prophet.  “The worldly comforts are not for me. I am like a traveler, who takes a rest under a tree in the shade and then goes on his way.”

Surely as a traveller in this ephemeral journey of  life, one should have the best provision for the journey. Without any provisions, one could end up in darkness without  guidance, not even a glimpse of light.

And take a provision (with you) for the journey, but the best provision is al-taqwa (piety, righteousness)…” [al-Baqarah 2:197].

That is, taqwa will protect oneself from anything through life’s dangerous journey so that one can successfully complete the journey unscathed by sin.

With taqwa, hopefully we will be fearless of what will be heading towards us, whether it will be dark and bitter or light and sweet. Just like opening a box of chocolates, we never know what treats of journey we’re gonna have, but with a  substantial  shield of taqwa, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Taqwa is an abundant treasure,

a precious treat,

an honourable substance,

a shield for the present and

the gateway to the future.

( آمِيّنْ يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ )


About afwina kamal

Architect. Pianist. Traveller. Poet.
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