a glimpse of me …


Beside Architecture as my passion and profession, I fond myself in writing. This begun in summer 1994, when I got the JAL’s award from writing competition about culture and architecture. It was my first “serious” writing, and also my first writing in English. And from that moment, I know that I have been appreciated though my writing.

As time goes by, my profession as an architect had taken most of my time. I write because I had to, as professional. Then, I started to write “spiritual journals” in the beginning of 2000, when my consciousness for Islam becomes stronger. And my consciousness for knowledge in Islam, has intrigued me since.

This blog, written specially for sharing my knowledge, experience and my ongoing learning about Islam…

“….Acquire Knowledge…It lights the way to Heaven, It is our friend in the desert, Our companion in solitude, Our companion, when bereft of friends, It guides us to happiness, It sustains us in misery, It is our ornament in the company of friends, It serves as an armor against our enemies…”(wise words from the Prophet SAW)


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